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Some wonderful news

OH and I have been planning to start fertility treatment for a while now. A few things have delayed it (OH needing to come off meds, money to become available, vital ingredients to arrive at the clinic) but we spoke to the clinic yesterday, and we will be able to have our first treatment during her next cycle! This is subject to consultant's approval regarding OH being off the meds, but honestly, this shouldn't be a problem.

This is incredibly exciting for us! Now we just have to hope that this works out quickly!

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Piglet, that's absolutely fabulous. I'm so excited for you both and hope that it all works first time.

Many hugs and good wishes to you both.



That is exciting news piglet, good luck and I hope it works first time for you both!! xx


Awwwww piglet that's amazing.

Keeping everything x for you both!!!!



That's fantastic news, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you both!

Good luck xxx


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