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Hello all,

Not been here for a little while.

I hope everyone is well.

we had a good winter after a rocky start with needing steriods etc, but the consultant put her back on perament azitromycin and since then shes been so well. we managed to stop all her inhalers and shes now just on the singulir and azitro and is so well controlled at the moment expt needing her blue inhaler when she runs about to much at soft play etc.

We have a review with her consultant on the 1st aug and i am so worried about stopping her aztiro, as this seems to be the thing that controls her asthma since shes been back on it she hasnt even caught a cold (even though her brothers and i have).

Also questions, before you children where told they had asthma did they have any tests to check their immunity? for CF? etc.

Martha was so so poorly at 10 months old and ventlaited for 6 days with swine flu. before that she had lots off prob,lems but alwasy managed at home. They did talk about maybe testing then as they where not sure why she got it so bad. She is well controlled at the moment so i dont know weather i should accept that she needs none off the other tests or to ask about them at her nxt app ....

Any advice would be great. xxx

thanks natasha

mummy to martha moo


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Hi there,

I don't think there is any harm in asking when you're at the next appointment and see what they think. I hope now things are settled they are happy to leave her current medications alone. My son was getting settled, they reduced his meds and we are back to square one months later. I can certainly appreciate your concern.

I hope it all goes well.


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