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Change of medication - advice please


I had an appointment with my consultant last week and she told me that the current medication I am on which is Symbicort 200 and Singulair 10mg is not enough to hold my symptoms. I have been experiencing a lot of coughing and tight chest these last few monnths and some days so very tired that everything is an effort. She has suggested that the Symbicort dose is doubled to two puff morning and evening of 400 dose. I have now been on his since last friday and whilst I can say I feel physically better, which I am so grateful for, I am alsc concerned that it is taking more and more medication to achieve feeling well. Does this mean that my asthma is deteriorating as I have only had it 18 months and have gone from becontide to seretide to symbicort 200 to 400 plus singulair just to feel well. Has anyone else experienced this progression and does it get to a point when it just evens out and stays stable....I am still learning to accept I have this now and the increases are making me more anxious. Grateful for any advice. Thankyou G

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Hi Gbee,

Unfortunately, I had to keep and sadly still am constantly increase medication over a fair few amount of years. I wouldn't like to say though whether it is going to get better or worse though as we are all different. Try and stick through it and work with your respiratory though. Have you thought about expressing your worries with them!?

Hope things start to get better soon for you!!




I do know what you mean, though I don't know if I can help with saying if it evens out - I don't have severe asthma but mine is a bit difficult to get under control.

I've had the same thing with increasing medication though - some of it didn't work at all and now I'm on Symbicort 400/12 2xday and Singulair 20mg - had to put the Symbicort up to 3x2 a day for nearly a month following an infection, and just working out now whether dropping back down is ok.

Sorry about all that - possibly not helpful, but I did want to say that I get where you're coming from as I've wondered the same thing re it taking more medication to achieve what seems like the same results. However my GP and cons have said a couple of things about hitting asthma hard with inhaled steroids hoping to get on top of it and make it in general easier to control, but it may need a bit of the strong stuff first - at least this is what they said to me.

Crossing fingers yours does settle down. I say this to everyone, but perhaps a chat with the AUK nurses might help you?


It might seem like a downward spiral, but I don't think it always is. In my teens I had 5 meds for my asthma for a few years, which I gradually reduced to just the ventolin in my early 20's. I've more recently had to keep adding meds/doses, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to reduce them again in the not too distant future. I've found asthma a bit of an up and down thing, and it takes a while to sort the right meds at times, but it's worth it when they make you feel well. Glad you're feeling better than of late. You're not alone in wanting to take less, I'm sure we'd all like that some day. Hope you improve soon.


I agree with Lou, in that your asthma symptoms may go up and down. Mine have over the last 25 years, I have had very little or no symptoms to being very limited physically by it. I don't know about others but mine is always quick to go out of control and very slow to regain the control, so lots of patience needed!


Hi everyone..thanks for kind replies.I guess what I am finding out as time goes on as it is always a work in progress with Asthma. I think perhaps I am being unrealistic to think it can get all sorted and stay that way ! I have next consultants appointment in three months time so I am going to monitor it carefully and go prepared with questions this time ! I am so grateful for the support of this forum. G


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