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Chemist having a bad day

Just been to chemist to pick up nebules of ventollin and saline. Got home to find been given ventollin 5mg nebules and salbutamol nebules 2.5mg in 5mg but no saline nebules... So been back to get them changed, good job I spotted it. Getting a little concerned as this is the second time they have issued the wrong meds in a couple of months. I always thought meds issued have to be double checked before being issued or am I imagining this? Anyone else had this type of issue with their chemist?

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My understanding is that they are double checked and 2 sets of initials are usually on the label. I have had a similar problem in the past with quantity of tablets when the quantity on my prescription is more than what the box normally holds and they forget to put in the extra tablets and 2 people have 'so called' checked them. I therefore always check everything every time when I get home.


My chemist iis fine, its my doctors for the past 4 months ive been taking 400mg of uniphyllin twice a day, but i only recieved 1 box of 200mg tablets & it said 1once a day I checked my repeat prescription & it was the drs who have changed it even though my consultant said all my meds are not going to be reviewed for a year unless i have any more problems.


My chemist double checks prescriptions with 2 sets of initials on the lable. Not had any problems with wrong meds/amounts though, but i do always check before i drive home.


Ive had this! I was given my Epilepsy meds but TWICE the stength that I normally take!! Instead of 200mg, they gave me 400mg!! The outer box was identical, it was purely the fact that i read the silver strip inside that I noticed!! This could have been so dangerous! I too thought they should be double checked! Ive had a few similar mishaps in the last yr with the same pharmacy!


My little boy was issued double strength meds by the chemist a few months ago so I now check what I'm issued while I'm still in the chemists.



Oh yes! Have several problems with different pharmacies including ones that can't count, incorrect labels, things being lost/not done , may have had different strength but not incorrect drug. Now know at my current pharmacy who the manager is as well as all the staff inc assistants and pharmacists recognising me.

Malawi2, may be worth speaking to your pharmacy manager and let them know. Especially if you have repeat service with them and MURs etc they could lose out on payments from the PCT if you move.

However had problems with consultant not prescribing antibs correctly (which took ages to sort) and been seen as a totally different patient which pharmacists have helped with.

As others have said, you can see on the label two sets of initials for checking but not a foolproof system.


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