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Totally fed up of being told nothing more we can do

I have recently been going through a rough patch with my asthma and the only places I seem to be visiting are GP Surgery and Hospital, I know that I'm should be thankful because I'm not as bad as some people on here.

Last night I was really suffering with my asthma and after struggling for a few hours and realising that my reliever and back to back home nebulisers not working as well as they should I gave in and phoned out of hours doctor, the doctor phoned me back within a few minutes but all I was told that same old story there is nothing more they can do for me because I'm on all the maximum medication I can be, I've heard this my from my local hospital respiratory team for the past three years' and now to have it said to me again from the out of hours doctor was not helpful all he could suggest was for me to take Co-Codamol since when has this painkiller been a cure for asthma attacks.

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Oooooo asthmagirl I know its pants and we all have days where we feel dejected but you should have called the little green men (you know this yourself).

I had to ring them a couple of weeks back as I was on my own and all I could wheeze out was 'ambulance & asthma' but they didn't question it and ifact stayed on the line with me until the paramedics arrived.

Pls look after yourself and get help today if you need it.

Hugs x


Asthma Girl,

Please do not ever worry about being mistaken for a hoax caller!!!

Emergency callers are clued up to the fact that many people, perhaps the majority, will be calling them in a very distressed state. Many asthmatics, people with other breathing problems, people having heart attacks will be incapable of stringing two words together so as long as you can say Ambulance and asthma, stay on the line and they should be able to find you.

If you cannot speak in sentences, have maxed out your meds you should be heading for hospital via an ambulance.

Do you have a protocol and a plan to follow? This is very important if you have a home nebuliser as you can be lulled into a false sense of security if you neb back to back or every 30 mins or so. You can't continue nebbing like this forever... doesn't work, been there...

Do not ever feel afraid of calling 999 , asthma is an emergency, a snotty nose like some people call in with isn't!

Hope you are feeling better today or have got help.

Also, please be aware of posting emergency requests here - it can scare others if they have less severe asthma.




Sorry you're having such a hard time asthmagirl. OOH doctor should really have told you to go to A&E I think. I hope you've improved since. Hugs

For anyone who might not be able to make a 999 voicecall, you can use 999 SMS and text them. You could write a template/draft and send it when you need the little green men (although I think you should ask for an ambulance rather than little green men ;-)). This is the link to the home pageemergency sms

It's very easy to register your mobile phone, but if you change number you'll need to register again.


I have registered with 999SMS and have used it few times this year. First time I thought I was betterjust ringing and wheezing as I have done before and they contect to BT and get your address but after I got out I looked back at the messages and used all they asked for to write a template based on my 'normal' situation for needing an ambulance and is now easier. For SouthWest Ambulances I put


Address and Postcode



Type of asthma

Steroid dependent

Home alone

Nebulisers not relieving symptoms

Lips/fingers blue

Unbable to talk

Hot/cold to touch (delete as necessary)

Currently allert but tired and struggling

Front door open.

Obviously delete/add as necessary but this was discovered from having lots of texts back and forth the first time I used it anbd now only send one and get standard reply and ambulances very quickly.


I do hope things have improved today for you.

It is so frustrating to be told there is no more they can do for you. They may have prescribed cocodamol as it is a cough suppressant or painkiller but it is not a standard asthma treatment as can also suppress respiration.

As others have said please always call for help for an ambulance in such circumstances when OOH do not help and where max meds as per your action plan are not helping, your symptoms are getting worse, too breathless to speak.

Saying ambulance and asthma is all that's needed. Also, the SMS service and registering with your local ambulance service could be very useful for you for future peace of mind.


I never knew about texting 999, Ive driven myself before as I didnt feel I could talk to control. Ive logged on and primed a text! Thanks xx


Considered myself well and truly told off by my GP for delaying getting help when I definately needed it.

In future I will get help sooner rather than later.


asthmagirl, are you feeing better today? I hope so


Hi Joan,

I'm currently in RBH under there Difficult Asthma Protocol so having loads of tests done this week, so lungs have been stroppy not sure if this is due to the aftermath of the weekend asthma attack or due to some of the tests being done.


Hope its going ok asthmagirl and you get some good answers.

Hugs xxx


Well, you're in the right place if you're not feeling great! I imagine the tests might upset things a little, but presumably they're keeping a close eye on you?

Hope it helps and you get some answers!


Asthmagirl, how are you finding being in the RBH? Hope your lungs don't complain too much with all the the Difficult asthma protocol tests and after your bad weekend.

As Philomela said, you're in the right place. Answers at the end of the week too?


Good luck with your RBH visit asthmagirl and I hope they are able to come up with some new ideas for you too!


Thanks for your good wishes, RBH ruled out certain areas' but want to have me admitted again for further tests.


Hope you get some answers soon.



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