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on-going cough


hope everyone is well.

i have had a cough now since february - i have been back and forth to docs and they dont seem to care about it.

it 1st came about when they changed my inhalers from seretide to fostair. after 1week they put me back on seretide in the hope that the cough was a co-incedence not linked to inhlaer, and wanted to put me back on it when the cough went. i'm still on seretide!

anyway i went and saw the gp in march to be told it wasnt asthma related but part of the winter bug and it could last 6-8weeks! i went back to gp in april and said i was still the same and told to see the asthma nurse. between asthma nurse being on holiday and me and the kids being ill i didnt get to see her until last week! she has told me me to use my ventolin inhaler more and she will see me in 4weeks.

this is a dry non-productive cough, which in turn of me coughing leads to me struggling to breathe and having to take inhaler more, which is making me cough more. its horrid. has anyone else had this type of cough? is this likely to be the start of an ""ongoing asthma related cough""? never had a cough for this long b4. its not all the time but when i do things (carrying stuff like shopping/washing, running around with toddler, laying down at night or if i start laughing too much!)

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hi amy

I had the same problem a cough since febuary, ask to be send for a chext x-ray.

My gp send me for one, and it turned out to be a chest infection. I was taking my inhaler almost every day as well. my gp listened to my chest everytime I came to see her. she noted down I had a cough when I came to see her. my gp understood the difference between my asthma not being control and having a cough that lasted a long time. in fact it was her that told me that i've been coughing a lot and she was keeping an eye on me. insist on being send for a chest x-ray a cough shouldn't last that long. Hope that helps.


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