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Anyone else been worse than usual this week?

Just wondering if anyone else is finding this high pollen count so hard to cope with. I've used my reliever everyday, sometimes more than once a day, this past week and the cough has returned! My pf is currently between 350 and 380 whereas it is usually between 400 and 450. Not had anything like this for a few years, and then I wasn't diagnosed so I just ignored it!

Stupid pollen ruined my trip to Alton towers today!

Anyways, anyone else in the same boat or is it just me (it usually is!)? How do you cope at times like this!?

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i have been worse but i think mine is at least partly self-inflicted

i was suffering towards the end of last week but still went and did a (small) triathlon on saturday followed by my normal run / swim on sunday morning

i do the triathlon every year and always struggle to recover but i can't remember if it usually takes me this long :-s (i am still coughing, especially when i first get up)

I doubled my preventer on monday and am still doubled (Qvar100 normally 1 puff twice a day) but i have also been taking antihistamines too so dunno the exact cause / sustanence of my current flare up :-s


Yeah I have been much worse this week and I ended up only doing an hour and half in work today. My peak flow has fallen quite rapidly normally around 400-420 but totally had dropped to 320 this morning, grrrrr. I think its definately the humid weather (not good times for PE teachers for various reasons!)

Just get loads of rest and keep on top of meds. Well thats my plan anyways!

Take care, Gill.


Yes I have been dreadful this week, my peakflow at the moment is ranging from 90 - 140, I was putting it down to the aftermath of my recent hospital admission. I am currently on maximum meds as well.


Yep, me too!

Peak flow won't settle, big varience from one hour to the next, for me its definitely my lungs responding to the ever changing weather, they do not like it!!


I was actually doing ok, as in respectable gaps between inhalers of 7 hrs or so, though did have somewhat tight and achy chest.

Still, figured I was doing consistently well enough to drop back down from 3x2 Symbicort to 2x2. So far, not a success but I'll give it some time! Crossed fingers it can deal with the incense on Sunday...

I suspect any issues I've had are weather-related - definitely not pollen with me.



I have been worse than usual this week, very humid and raining dosen't help and pollen! My PF is 280 today and sucking plenty of meds, just as well the telly is decent today.

Take care all

Lisa x


Yes me to, had a really rough week, I think its the humid weather and thunder storms that's upsetting my lungs more than pollen. Hoping for more settled weather next week.


yes, struggling with the weather too!

thought the rain would freshen up the air but ,no, still muggy....

Also if it doesn't rain properly, the rain can excaserbate the pollen!



Same here to the point where people around me noticed whereas I can normally manage so they don't.

Still muggy and much pollen here even after rotten weather and rain the last few days with localised flooding.

At least it's been sunny today :)


I work in x ray and we've definitely had more asthma exacerbations through a&e than normal recently. Weather and pollen isn't being too kind it seems.


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