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pred and alcohol

I am currently on a short course of pred for a chest infection and have planned to go out with some friends tomorrow night, but I tend to find that if I drink alcohol while I'm on pred I get really bad reflux, even if it's just a small amount. Obviously I won't be staying long tomorrow due to being unwell but would still like to have a few drinks! does anyone else get this while on pred and if so, is there anything that you do that helps?


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Stay on soft drinks rather than alcohol....


well i normally do I just fancied a little vodka!


A friend of mine swears by having milk thistle which you can get from health food shops etc, just check its ok to take with your meds.

Have a great night!!! :-)


Extra alcohol. :) You won't notice a thing if you get the quantities right. :)

As a more serious answer (yes, occasionally I do try to talk sense!) do you talk omeprazole - this really helped my reflux which helped my asthma and supported my alcohol and chocolate diet (I have the slow release capsules).


I tried taking omeprazole but it gave me an upset stomach so then my consultant tried me on lazoprazole which also had the same effect, are there any good over the counter reflux medicines?


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