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Question about accuhaler packaging

Hi all,

I am new to the forum - having had asthma for some 30+ years. I have just moved pharmacy and this afternoon my inhalers were delivered. I take accuhalers of both ventolin and flixotide. I am having a memory block and can not remember if both should be sealed in foil packs. The flexotide was in a sealed box, with the inhaler wrapped inside a sealed foil wrapping. However, the ventolin was in a Glaxo Wellcome marked box. The box is not sealed at either end, neither is the accuhaler in a sealed foil wrapper - its just in the box. The stickers are not on it particularly well either. I am therefore a bit unsure about how safe it is. I wondered if someone can unblock my memory and either allay my fears by saying it is fine - thats how they come. Or raise my suspicions further and say both should be in foil wrapping.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Tim and welcome!

The box should have a clear seal top and bottom but the accuhaler itself is just in the box.


Thank you - I shall call in to the pharmacy tomorrow - there is nothing sealing either end of the box.


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