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I'm so frustrated!!

Hi everyone, I have just joined this forum a week ago so sorry for the rant below:-

I am so frustrated my brittle/severe asthma is really playing up. I have a cold, chest infection, am on antibiotics and my usual meds but tonight I'm really going downhill :( I am taking nebs every hour or so at the moment and am still struggling.

I seem to be in and out of hospital a lot and my consultant keeps saying I need to be in for at least 5 days of IV aminophyline and IV antibiotics which does help me but then after a few days of being off it I become worse again. I cannot live my life in hospital as I have kids, my husband is great but I can't be in hospital all the time.

I'm just very frustrated that I have this brittle asthma and looks like I'll be in again tomorrow. I have an appointment with my consultant in the morning but Im sure he will just admit me. However the problem is, there never seems to be beds on the chest ward, i get put on the bed managers list but never seem to get a bed, they all just say if your that bad then go to A&E (just to cover their backs) and then onto a general medical ward which I absolutely hate and to be honest it's putting me off going in. At least on the chest ward the nurses know me and is so much geared up for chest complaints! I

Aaagggghhhh sorry for the rant but I'm so frustrated - better get another neb now - it doesn't look like I'm going to get any sleep tonight :(

Fingers crossed when I see my consultant in the morning i may be a bit better and hopefully he won't insist on me being admitted.

Thanks for listiening to me all you understanding asthmatics XX

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Hi city girl :-)

Rant away, its good to get it out!

Its so difficult isn't it? You just want to get on wuth your life but your lungs have other ideas.

I have mo other advice than keep going, things will get better at some point (i keep telling myself the same thing).

Big hugs x


Hello city girl.

How areyou doing?

My asthma has taken a turn for the worst over the last three weeks and it's become a real bother.

You are having a tough time, so rant away, everyone on here will understand. I have my fingers crossed that your lungs will get happier again.


Ok so I went to see my chest consultant in the chest clinic and as I thought he wanted to admit me :(

He gave me a Kenalog injection - does anyone else have these?

I fought not to go in because as per usual there was no chest bed on the chest ward and so he said to go through A&E and up to the MEU ward! I said I didn't want to go to A&E and then onto another ward and I was being stubborn! So in the end I went home and on the bed managers list for a chest bed ( however there are 7 other patients before me) so it looks like I'll have to ride this one out or maybe if I get really desperate then go in through A&E:(

I'm really not happy :(


That's not sounding like a great solution for you but having spent q couple of days recently on a clinical decision unit I understand.

Take care and if it gets bad, you know the little green men are only a call away!



Thanks! Have you had a Kenlog steroid injection before? I believe it's a longer lasting steroid injection?

Thanks for your words of encouragement xx


Sorry but no and I've never heard of it either.

You the auk nurses, they're great!!!!


Sorry it was supposed to say Kenalog!!

I spoke to an asthmatic friend of mine & she has also had it but thanks anyway xx


Hello City girl,

Just wanted to say I get the frustration.. Also I have had kenalog; I get on with it quite well and find it comes with less side effects than prednisolone. It stays in your system for about a month but slowly starts to wear off. If you had a dose of 40mg this is equivalent to 50mg a day of pred and you can take pred on top if need be. The only downside I've found is where they inject it. I too only have it when my consultant wants to admit me and I refuse to ha!

Just a thought - are you under a severe asthma unit? If not they can take a fresh look at you and hopefully suggest things to get you some more control.

Take care and I hope you don't end up having to go through a and e.



Hi Alice

Thanks for your reply! I had Kenalog 80mg injection today. Not noticed much of a difference yet but I'm hoping it will help!

I am under the North West Lung Centre Severe Asthma Unit in Wythenshaw, Manchester! They seem to be ok apart from not having beds on the chest ward when you really need one and they say go to A & E but I really dislike being on the medical assessment ward :(

Anyway I am taking lots of nebs now, had the Kenalog and will see how I am tomorrow, as said before, the little green men are only a phone call away.

Thanks all you wonderful asthmatics, so glad that others experience and understand what I go through xx


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