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Hi, Bit of a rush post because I'm feeling a little anxious & confused. Normally I wouldn'd hesitate but would appreciate some feedback!

In March my daughter was admitted to hospital after a cough turned into another bout of ashtma. She was diagnosed at that time with Viral Asthma at the age of 4. She was given regular nebs for 3 days in hospital, given predisonol & also since then has been taking Montelukast every night (Anti ashthma med). Yesterday out of nowhere she started to cough, during the night her cough has got worse, she has been sick (with coughing) twice this morning. SHe feels warm to touch & her nose is streaming. She coughs pretty much every 2 mins. I've been giving her the blue pump every half hour or so all morning, but although she not getting rapidly worse she isn't getting better. Her breathing is quite shallow & she is sucking in at her neck, but not yet under her ribs. Should I be waiting???? Or should I get her to A&E? Thanks

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If she's sucking in at the neck then yes, take her straight to A&E or call an ambulance.


In in any doubt, always phone for an ambulance or head straight to A&E. It is better to have them check out your child and decide that they don't need to do anything, then for medical attention not to be sought until it is too late.

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