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Informing people at work?

Just wondering whether I ought to have a set of instructions about what to do in an attack keptwith a spare inhaler and spacer at work just in case. I work in a school and we have info about what to do for pupils with asthma. I'm a bit worried that I might have an attack or a reaction to a wasp sting (not anaphylactic but had an attack after last sting) and that the member of staff I'm closest to who would know what to do might not be there. Also a bit embarrassed about being seen to make a fuss though as I could easily go another whole year without having an attack at all.

Is anyone else on an asthma register at work, or has some sort of central first aid instructions?

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I also work in a school & if you have epipens or are a diabetic the member of staff has 2 write an action plan saying where in the school u work, your medical, condition/ allergies & what to do if the condition worsens & where your medication is kept. My boss & most others dont seem to think that asthma is a potentally fatal condition so if you have asthma alone dont seem to worry about it but i carry epipens so when i wrote my action plan i included what to do in an asthma attack because ive noticed alot of the staff have no idea what to do in an attack unless they or their own children have asthma which i think needs to change.


Where I used to work (local council) there were multiple first aiders so I always let our health and safety officer know about my conditions as he was the lead first aider and this information was kept on file and filtered down to other first aiders. I also let the other people in my team know my medical conditions just to be on the safe side.


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