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Erm... could I have some help regarding my reliever please?

Hi :)

So I was only diagnosed a few weeks ago but the nurse said that I've probably always had asthma and no one picked up on it before. I currently have a preventer and a reliever. The problem is that, since I started using the preventer, the reliever has stopped working and actually makes things worse!

I admit that I haven't been great at remembering to use my preventer recently, what with a level exams and stuff, but today I found myself very SOB to the point where I felt a bit dizzy so I used my reliever. At first, it had no effect but then I started to feel shakey, as I always do, and then I spent the next two hours coughing and wheezing! I don't have a clue what started it off. The only exercise I did was walking the mile into town to see the olympic torch but I do that walk everyday and it never bothers me. Also, the symptoms came on hours later.

I only use the reliever once a week since I wait until I actually can't manage without it ut it has never done much. It does squirt in a strange way, but then it is new. I'm just wondering whether I should just get another reliever since my prescriptions are free anyway, or whether I should pay the good looking doctor a visit. I am avoiding the asthma nurse at all costs!

Thanks, and sorry I've gone on so much!


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hmm that seems a bit odd if it's worked before! Am inclined to think maybe you ran into a trigger that you don't know about, or didn't realise you'd encountered - has it happened more than once or just this time? Some triggers do only kick in later, which makes it harder to work out what set you off.

When you put it that way then yes, you should OF COURSE go see the good-looking dr lol, just to look haha - no in all seriousness you probably should as you need your reliever to work and if it's not for whatever reason you need to ask about it. Maybe first (I always seem to say this) you could try ringing the AUK nurses and see if they have any ideas?

Why are you avoiding the asthma nurse?

Hope exams went ok - seems like you have a good summer lined up, hope that goes well! Were you able to do the dance medals you wanted?


This is the first time that it hasn't worked to the extent that things got worse but since I started using the preventer the reliever has been much less effective than it was before. I'm not sure about how the whole trigger thing works completely so I guess it's possible that something set me off. I know my parents were suffering with hayfever yesturday but mine seemed ok for the most part.

Haha I saw him with all the other docs whilst we were waiting for the torch since they shut the road just outside their surgery. He's better looking than I remembered! Unfortunatly he did seem to spend a lot of time flirting with one of the new docs :( I hope he didn't see me looking! I'll give then a ring when I can get some privacy. My mum and sister seem to be forever hovering round at the moment!

Basically I'm avoiding seeing her because it's a waste of time. She refuses to explain anything and laughs at any questions I ask. She is also incredibly patronising and condesending. Last time she asked me if I would be ok seeing her 'without mummy since I might not remember everything she told me' She has also refused to demonstrate how to use inhalers, spacers etc so I learnt by reading the instructions and she told me that I don't need to know about triggers. There's loads of other stuff like that too, so yeah, a waste of time seeing her! also, if I admit that I've forgotten to use the preventer a few times I think she'd actually kill me!

Thanks :) my exams went better than expected! I did medals in latin american and ballroom and got a distinction in latin and honours in ballroom :) In total 6 of my 8 dances were distinctions :) haha from my sig? yeah I have loads planned for summer, if the weather would improve! next week I'm spending 3 days shopping and a day at alton towers so I really need to get this breathing stuff sorted!

Starting to wonder if I even have asthma though, the preventer isn't doing much either!


Woohoo well done on the medals, sounds like excellent results! And crossing fingers for you for the 3rd Thursday in August, assuming that's still results day...

Wow your asthma nurse sounds like a piece of work, think I'd avoid her too! She seems to be actively discouraging good asthma education (and besides it being annoyingly patronising, even someone half your age could benefit from knowing for themselves about triggers, how to use inhalers etc rather than 'mummy' doing it all!!). I always thought education was a big part of an asthma nurse's job!

I would defo see GP then but you seem to be planning to. I also rarely see the asthma nurse even though mine isn't at all like yours, she's fine but just never knows what to do with me! hehe your doc is probably used to people looking lol.

Might be an idea to ring nurses here before though as you get more time and I find if going to the GP with something like this it helps to have talked it through with them beforehand and to get some ideas, or I spend the GP appt waffling and not being sure exactly what I want to say or what the problem is (and my GP is really good too so it's not him!)

Re the triggers - it can be really hard. I think I've worked out most of mine but sometimes there can be surprises or triggers you know about but you don't notice them till they affect your lungs.

Good luck, hope you enjoy next week without breathing issues!


Thanks :)

I'm glad it's not just me who thinks she is awful! I really felt like advising her to get a new job!

I tried to use the reliever today and nothing even came out of it even though it's full so I'm going to get a new one tomorrow and try that out first. If this cough doesn't go by tues though I think I'll go and see someone anyway. Stupid pollen!

I'm going to do some research on asthma triggers- I know polen is one since my pf is currently the lowest it's ever been whilst the pollen count is ridiculously high but I'm not sure of any others. Certain food send me funny, but don't affect my chest. Would these count or not?

I always used to like suprises :(

Yep, 16th August :/ Get the text at 6am supposedly!


you need to go back to you nurse asap make sore that they are a Asthma nurse they are the better ones trust me gps just give you pills !! Also look threw this website full of good tips and that ! mat


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