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Coughing at night and Omron compressor nebs

Every single night since getting over a cold about three weeks ago soon as i put my head down at night i start coughing, feels like a real tickleish sort of feeling and won't clear i am on preventer clenil 800mg daily i am confused any help grateful.

Another question entirely, are the c29 etc compressor nebs any good Omron just wondered whether anyone has any pros/cons as i am thinking of buying one or somthing similar as somtimes i have to take mine to work.

I also forgot to add if you are a known asthmatic by the ambulance service is it because they have come out to you x amount of times or are you on a special register, because i live in back beyond southwest in the sticks whether it would be worth registering with them if that is whats required

thanks everyone

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I also live in a rural area in the southwest. My GP sorted out getting a flag/alert so as soon as I phone for an ambulance, it comes up on the ambulance system that I have brittle asthma. Maybe you could speak to your GP about it? I believe it's simple to do :)


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