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New symptoms, is it asthma?

Was diagnosed with asthma about 2 years ago and been through ups and downs and thought I was getting to know my symptoms and triggers etc.

I have just increased my Flixotide (250) from 1 puff twice a day to 2 puffs twice a day because I'd been getting an increase in my normal symptoms.

Anyway the last few days I've been getting different symptoms and I'm confused as to whether its asthma or not. I've been getting a pain and tightness across my chest like I normally get, but with a feeling of 'drowning' in air, like my lungs are stuck half full with air and so I can only use the top half of my lungs. I can empty my lungs but really have to force the air out, then they go back to been stuck half full again. If I lay down, I really to feel like I'm drowning and start having to breathe short shallow breaths. I use my blue inhaler but it takes about 6 puffs with a spacer to reduce the symptoms.

The blue inhaler does work so I'm kinda convinced it is asthma, but I'm confused that I've not had these symptoms before. Any suggestions? Anyone else experienced these symptoms?

PS. I have an appt with GP later in the week so will bring it up with him, just curious in the mean time

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Hi butterfly!

I get those symptoms when my lungs aren't very happy and usually when I've got some kind of infection or ongoi flare up.

Definitely see your gp.



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