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Can allergies cause a chesty cough?

I've had a horrible deep, painful chesty cough for the last few days, assumed I was getting a chest infection as started with a temperature and feeling sick and shaky, but that then stopped and I was just left with the cough. I've been waking up every night, sometimes twice and sometimes staying awake for several hours in the middle of the night because my chest is tight and I'm SOB. During the day have been needing ventolin 2-3 times a day. My PF is down to around 330 from 430.

I'm definitely going to see GP and I'm guessing I'll end up with pred, but I can't work out what's causing the cough. Could it be hayfever? It isn't constant as I would expect with an infection, it goes on and off apparently randomly, so was wondering if it was linked to pollen count.

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I always get a cough - from the chest but not productive - when asthma is playing up. I'd always thought it was just part of the asthma - it's one of my symptoms, so I expect it to appear when lungs are playing up in general as I think it's the inflammation causing it (could be wrong about this but think it's how lungs interpret inflammation - they think it's foreign object they need to get rid of, if that makes sense, which is why asthma often comes with a cough.)

So it could be hayfever, if that triggers you, but it's probably just part of the general flare-up! Hope your GP can get you sorted with something to get rid of it and to stop the nighttime SOB!


Hi Philomela. I do often get a cough along with other symptoms but it isn't productive like this, more of a continuous irritating cough from the top of my chest. The only time I've really had a deep chesty cough was when I was stung by a wasp and part of the reaction was constant 'smoker's' coughing. It's really odd that you can react differently to different triggers.


Spookymilo are you allergic to any of the moulds? As they can sometimes cause the symptoms you describe... Probably best to speak with your GP to find try and establish what the likely cause is.


Think it was just an asthma cough as just been sent home from work with it - hadn't had it last night and it's gone again now after lots of ventolin and some rest. Going to try and get a GP appointment this afternoon.


Malawi the asthma nurse said that this weather seems to have been bad for asthmatics, and that it might be spores.

I've got pred as I thought so hopefully that will do the trick.


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