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Seretide and bruising easily

Hi, I am new on here.

I have been taking Seretide 250 for about 7 years with no complications. But for the last year or so I have been bruising really easily, especially on my legs. Something that would have once caused a temporary red mark now causes a dark blue bruise which takes 2 weeks to go.

I notice it is listed as I side effect, I was just wondering if any one else has had experience of this.

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Hi I'm new also.

I've bruised easily since developing asthma. I think all my medication has this as a side effect but especially seretide. At work I've even been taken into my managers office and asked if I am being abused at home. That made me pretty embarrassed!(I'm not by the way, I have a very loving and supportive husband.

I've also found that my skin is also very delicate, not only bruising but skin tears too, especially my forearms. I don't really like these but its something to put up with to keep my asthma under control.


Yes same here only got to knock my arm slightly and a massive black bruise appears I have been taking seretide for the last 3 years and never had a problem before


I have been taking seretide twice daily and have been having these dark black bruising on my forearms just by the slightest knock


I bruise really easily as well and have noticed cuts and scratches take a long time to heal. Having said that I am taking seretide, alvesco and oral pred so not easily to pin point the actual culprit, though all three could be the problem..



I never had any problems with bruising when I was in seretide but since I've been in maintenance pred I definitely bruise very easily, got a couple if beauties right now from Mondays attack, even down to where they put tgr sticky tape on to hold gauze in place. :-(

Meds affect everyone differently so it could be causing bruising for you.


Hi, I am also new here.

I have too have been taking Seretide 250, for many years, and I also bruise very easily. What I have been told by the Medics, is that it's due to long-term use of steroids. In my case - I can agree. I also take a nasal steroid spray and have done for about five years.

Hope this helps someone!


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I've noticed bruising easily when having to take high dose of Symbicort/oral steroids. I've just been switched to Seretide - has anyone else had upset stomach/acid indigestion?

Good news is I can breathe! AND am a lot less tired

: )


I'm on relatively high dose Symbicort (3 puffs of 400/12 twice a day atm, was on 2 puffs before). I have noticed a couple of bruises but put them down to my limbs being magically attracted to doorframes/furniture etc lol - didn't seem like any more than you'd expect.

I have vaguely noticed that my skin feels slightly painful/sensitive eg on legs when there's no bruise and I don't think I've hit that bit - maybe that's related. But it's not really major and otherwise I hadn't really thought about this. As Angelica says maybe it's just that it affects everyone differently. Though I am rubbish at noticing side effects mostly - or I notice them but don't connect them with meds!


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