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Wanting advice please

Finally started my new job but was alarmed to find that most of the people on training with me seemed to have colds. It had to happen, week 3 into new job have had to take time off with a chest infection. Was expecting to pick up some infections as not really been into contact with many people for the past couple of years. I'm on antibiotics, steroids and been put back on nebules but wondered if anyone knew any tips to help with the sore throat and chest from all the coughing? I've tried hot drinks & sucking sweets but it's at night things are worse. Any ideas gratefully received

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Hi Rabbit, Sorry to hear that you are not doing well.

For a sore throat I use buttercup syrup, might help. I use a home remedy to protect against colds, it an old indian natural recipe, its a mixture of tumeric powder and honey until you get a paste then eat everyday, not nice but my mum swears by it lol as its natural doesn't have any side affects accept the horrible taste and yellow tongue caused by the tumeric powder lol


Hey!! Sorry to hear youve got the lushness of and infection!! Mean people sharing the germs!!

On the sore throat note, I always get nystatin from GP even if it isnt oral thrush. As it helps sooth even and will get rid of any potential bugs that may be lerking...i also notice it helps out when im on lots of nebs as the saline can make things sore also!!

Pain in the bum going to GP again, and another script, but I swear by it!!



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