Ventolin inhalers 'going funny'

Has anyone else found their Ventolin inhalers sort of clogging up towards the end - you think they've run out but they're sort of producing something, except it's not as forceful and you have to pump a lot?

Mine always used to work fine until they ran out but the last couple have been doing this - though not all of them. Thought it might just be me not cleaning the case enough (oops) but then I've always been rubbish about that, plus why would some be ok and not others?

So thought it might be a batch issue - anyone else? Or should I just get cleaning?

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  • When I get to this sort of stage and I think the inhaler is getting low I switch to a new inhaler. So at least you can be sure that you are getting the full dose of ventollin. I have to admit I am not great at cleaning my inhaler out as often as I should either...

  • I haven't noticed the clogging (and never clean my ventolin inhaler) but since using the weighing of my ventolin to check how full it is, I also don't have the issue of is it empty or not and possibly throwing it away too early.

  • I haven't noticed the clogging (and never clean my ventolin inhaler) but since using the weighing of my ventolin to check how full it is, I also don't have the issue of is it empty or not and possibly throwing it away too early.

    Hi JF

    I also weigh my ventolin to see how full it is. How much do you reckon it weighs when it is time to chuck it away? I go for the canister on its own being 22g or less but I think that may be too cautiuos.



  • Thanks!

    Maybe I should just chuck it then - have to say it made me nervous yesterday and today as it really isn't producing much and yesterday I forgot my Atrovent at the spa! So only had one semi-working inhaler in a hot and steamy environment. Clever.

    My 'at home' one is still working though. Well, it's still producing the required amount of Ventolin - what it's doing once it gets in there is debatable lol. Paying for the spa I think!

  • Yeah I hadn't realized until I started a new one, that mine were a bit pathetic! Guess its the Yorkshire Lass in me trying not to waste any! Been round and binned and replaced them all with new ones and suprisingly they're all more effective now.

  • lol I binned mine too! I'm sure they never used to do this, which is why I wondered if anyone else had had the same recently.

    Was very reluctant to throw mine away too until they were completely dead, but then realised I probably wasn't getting much actual Ventolin out of them and I didn't want to be away all day with a dodgy inhaler - Atrovent wouldn't kick in quickly enough if I really needed it.

  • You can purchase equipment which monitors how many puffs of ventollin or other inhalers you have taken, so you know when the inhaler is getting empty. These can be for use on one inhaler or for multiple re-use. Only problem as they don't come cheap...

  • I have not ever noticed this but i never clean it lol

  • I weigh the whole inhaler without the cap on and when it gets to 26/27g I throw it. Somebody a while back did write on this topic and they just weighed the canister so I just added the weight of the empty case to what they said. I think (but am not sure) it was 18/19g for the canister alone.

    Before doing this I hated those times when the inhaler didn't work and I assumed it was my lungs getting worse until the penny dropped... it was empty.

  • I bought an app call inhaler tracker for £1.49 you can track more than one inhaler. you put in the amount of doses inhaler has like the blue one, and each time you use the blue inhaler you press the amount of time that you use it and it takes it away from the starting dose. what's good is for my brown inhaler i do the same thing but because I take it everyday I can set it to automaticly take the puffs away so I don't need to open the app everytime I take my inhaler, a week before the inhaler is due to run out, it sends me a reminder and it keeps sending me one each day till it runs out or I stop it because I got a repeat.

  • i don't have a problem with my preventer, because i take it when i get up and go to bed and just mark it on the calendar. I don't often keep track properly of my reliever, i usually mark that on the calendar too at the end of the day buti have 3 inhalers on the go - one in my handbag, one in the car and one by my bed and i don't always take note of which one i've used. I don't have any particular method of knowing when it'll run out - except by guessing LOL

  • I just put the date on mine when I open a new one been doing it for years lol x

  • Hi, I have noticed for years that if I have started using a ventolin and then it gets 'lost' for a few months in a coat or something, it often will not work properly, even though it has ventolin in it

  • I have also noticed the same, usually takes a few pumps into the air to get it going. I usually remove the canister and check its not gummed up first.

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