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Thank you


I was diagnosed with asthma 3 and half years ago after 2 very serious bouts of broncitus. I have struggled to keep the asthma under control even with extreme treatment, i also suffer with hayfever,rhinitus and hiatus hernia. On a recent visit to my GP to explain i was getting really fed up with not feeling any better after so long on the meds he decided it was time to refer me to immunology for further tests.

This was the first time i had tests to decide how and why my asthma was a difficult entity...simple answer its not asthma. I had a skin prick test done as well to determine my trigger for hayfever, all came back clear. On speaking to the consultant he decided that along with no hayfever i didnt have asthma either, i do however have VCD (vocal chord dysfunction) i have never heard of this. But some of the symptoms mirror asthma but the relievers wont make any difference to the episode.

In one way i was happy that after 3 and half years finally i had a pin point, but its still not an easy thing to treat depending on how severe it is. I now have a super duper nasal spray that works to dry up the rhinitus. I have another consultation in July to determine that i do not have asthma.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to reply to any questions i asked. I would like to wish you all well and to keep safe. Although i am no longer asthmatic my elder Sister is a chronic sufferer of asthma and i will still support the cause to help others in her situation to make advances.

Again many thanks.



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