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lung function and inflammation test

Hi can anyone give me advice. Just been for these tests and lung function was not too bad but she said the test for (is it nitrous oxide?) inflammation came back at 98 when anything over 25 is abnormal. They are going to change me from symbicort to seratide but wont get it till later this week. My lungs are really sore, and to me this looks like a huge amount off ""normal"" but at the time in the hospital I didn't really have time to think about questions. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to feel better? Will I feel better? Had to go back on prednisilone this morning at peak flow 230 but it came back a wee while later after multi dosing with ventolin and spacer. Also have no symbicort at docs they said they cant get it the now and the doc wont prescribe the seratide till she gets the letter from the consultant.

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Hi Susie74,

The nitrous oxide test, if I'm thinking of the right machine as you, is where you breath out into a machine at a certain level, and what it measures is the amount of nitrous oxide expelled from your lungs which indicates how inflamed your lungs are, the normal range is between 9-25 (Feno score), with asthmatics expected to often be a little higher (according to my resp nurse), I blew mine last week and it was at 44 and thats not good for me, so you must really be suffering!

Recovery time is different for everyone, and different for each episode so can't really help with that, the seratide should help the inflamation in your lungs and bring down your feno score from 98.

Let me know if you have any questions about nitrous test, im sure i have a letter somewhere from my nurse to my doctor explaining what the test is and what it all means so may have more info lol


I had this test done last year and I had high levels as well, I was told because I am strongly allergic to a number of allergens this was causing the inflammmation and high levels.


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