well, hasnt it been a while!!!

Hello dear people!!

Just want to firstly apologise for my urm lack of apearance recently on the forum, and I would also like to say hi (wave) to every one, and how are you all doing!!? Whats the latest with you all!! Still beating the lungs stroppiness I hope!!!

Well, best be off, but ill be back soon to hear from all you wonderful people!!!

Love and hugs!!!!


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  • I noticed you had been very quiet on the forum... Has your wrist healed alright?

  • Hey!!

    Wrist still knackered...seen consultant twice now and he wants to see me again in another 3 weeks...so taking its time but i guess itll get there xx

  • Hi charlie!!!

    Nice to see you back :-)


  • Hi Charlie,

    I noticed that you had not been on here for a while, I was wondering what had happened to you.

    Sorry that you are still having problems with your wrist I do hope it gets better soon.

    Welcome back. ?

  • I'd been wondering where you were. Glad to see you're back. xxx

  • Massive apologies...been a little hectic down my end for a while!! But im hoping to be back with you wonderful people again!! Missed you all!!


  • hello :)

    I'd like to say id noticed youd been missing but ive been missing myself im back also so hope to catch up etc

    been catching up online and reading your blog hope things start to picck up for you soon


  • I didn't know u did a blog Charlie?

  • Lil tinx - how biz u!! Wow miss our convos lol - bring back the pm service AUK!!

    And yeah Angelica i sure do blog!! Ill see if i can send you a link on FB if you like!?!


  • That'd be fab charlie! X

  • Hmmm proving a little difficult finding u lol !! Are u friends with many people on there!?! Ill search u through the. As not being allowed to annouce things over the forum but also not having a PM service xx

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