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How do you deal with stress or depression?

Hi all,

I've recently had a fair amount of trouble with my breathing, and led to quite a stressful and often depressing time, not helped with the ups and downs of meds. Well dealing with the stress/depression I tried different things to take my mind of the problems, which include; reading posts on here, dealing with finances, going to the gym (now been told not to go as its making my situation worse)... But finally found something that works, which is painting, drawing etc, and posting this on my new blog, and it just gives me a focus and something to do.

And well I was wondering what other people do to help fight of depression and stress?


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The way I cope is having company. If im too breathless to speak I text or message my friends & family because they have always got stories to tell that will cheer me up. If im well enough to talk but can't go out of the house/hospital they visit me & catch me up on all the gossip.


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