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Running the Great North Run for Asthma UK

Hi guys I'm fairly new to the forum :)

I'm 22 years old and have suffered asthma since I was a toddler and is still a big issue in my life now so wanted to do something good to raise awareness and raise money for asthma uk so I have entered the Great North Run!

Was wondering if there are any others on the forum doing it as this is my first GNR and would appreciate any info or advice! I'm not a great runner but have started to train already and I'm slowly getting into the swing of things!

If anyone would like to make a donations my just giving page is - justgiving.com/Lucyjohns

Any help/advice/donations would be much appreciated!

Lucy :)

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I will also be running in the GNR this year, for the third time! It is an amazing experience, I loved it the last two years. Lots of people start training around now, three months is plenty of time. Make sure you have properly fitted running trainers though, otherwise you will end up with injuries as you are starting out.


It sounds so much fun! I can't wait!

And yep got some proper running shoes but can you advise any good socks? (random i know) Also when does the number thing come that you pin to your vest? I have got the vest from asthma UK etc but that wasn't in the pack so I assume it comes nearer the time?

Also do you take a bum bag or anything with you? If so what do you take?


It is an amazing experience and congratulations for taking on the challenge! The atmosphere is like nothing I have ever experienced before!

I would go into a decent sports shop and have a look at socks. I like the ones that have 'grips' on them so they fit to your feet, but everyone is unique.

They provide water and powerade (which is an acquired taste...) as you go round the course and lots of people stand with ice lollies, sweets, oranges, biscuits etc on the side of the course holding them out for runners, the legendary north east hospitality! I really did appreciate the jelly babies at mile 10 last year! I personally would find running with a bum bag uncomfortable, they have baggage buses which transport your things from start to finish, but I would imagine that if you run for a charity they might look after your things? All I will run with will be my ipod, ventolin and energy gel which I have in a pocket.

The numbers will arrive from the Great Run organisers a few weeks before the race.

Have you ever been to Newcastle to watch the run before?


I ran it a few years back for asthma uk, they are very supportive and its an amazing day. Would love to be doing it again, good luck x


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