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Taking my morning meds today (few different things, tablets and inhalers) when I got sidetracked by my husband (its ALL his fault obviously;-)) when I stupidly swallowed my spiriva capsule instead of putting it in the handihaler and inhaling it!!! Arghhhhhhh......

The following scene involved a lot of swearing, panicking and me looking like Alice Cooper as I'm trying to, ahem, how shall I put it, get the capsule to come back out again :-(

Luckily my hubby checked with nhs direct amd they called straight back and advised it was ok as it was only 1 capsule but I can honestly say I WILL pay more attention when I'm taking my morning cocktail of meds.

Anyone else done something this daft?!

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Yes, I have done this when I was younger but with intial rather than spiriva capsules.... Have you tried the Spiriva resmat as this does not have capsules? Hope you have had no unwanted side effects today....


Glad I'm not the only one then ;-)

I've had an incredibly dry mouth and a bit of a headache but nothing too bad thankfully.

I'll ask my cons about the resmat, just looked it up online and it looks better than fiddling about with capsules so thanks for that info.



Oh no! Well glad you came to no harm anyway - maybe your lungs will be given a boost by some internal application lol.


When my friends son was little, he got thrush and he was given oral cream and t'other end cream. In the haze of small babyness, she accidently applied the wrong cream to the wrong end!


Hi Angelica,

I also did the same thing and rang NH direct.

They said dont worry I would be fine xxx


Oh butterfly that's made me gasp and laugh all at once!!!! :-D

Thanks glynis, good to know I'm not alone! X


Uh oh...not to good!!

Think the worst i have done is lean backwards reaching for somethi g whst nebbing and pouring the lushness of sally and ippy down my throat...not a very nice taste-wouldnt recommend at all haha



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