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slow growth and late puberty


I wondered if anyone has any experience of thier childhaving slower growth and going into puberty later.

Our 8 year old is on 25th centile for height (used to be 50 -75th when younger), apparently slower growth in kids with asthma/allergies/exczema is seen and then they catch up later - we are told by hospital. While our son is not that short, I feel worried he is shorter than most of his friends and peers in his class. He himself is not bothered. He's been on asthma meds nearly all his life.


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Hi there,

Not got any answer for you, but just to say that we have the same worries as you. My son (also aged 8), is only just in the 0.4th centile. My son has been on a preventer inhaler since he was 1 year old. He is now on a quite high dose preventer (100/6 symbicort), and his asthma is still badly controlled.

I do hope that he has a growth spurt soon, as he is significantly shorter than everyone in his class. Also his 5 year old brother is taller than him :-(

Hoping that someone posts a positive response to your message.



Thanks Jenny for your post,sorry to take so long to get back. I think I just have to put it to the back of my mind and accept this about my son, as there is nothing that can be done about it.


Hi there!

My son is 12 years old. He was diagnosed with asthma as a baby. He has been on medication ever since.

He was always small and skinny. HOWEVER .... he is now a strapping young rugby player who has just won an award for his sporting achievements in his first year of senior school (sorry - proud Mum moment!)

He is certainly not hitting pubity any later than his class mates and I have no concerns for him. He's been growing rapidly over the last two years and his feet are now bigger than his Dad's!

Two summers ago he started moneleukast tablets and his excersise tolerance improved considerably. Through junior school his involvement in sport increased and I really believe this has helped him so much both physically and mentally.

He trains regularly and has taken control of his inhalers learning to maximise his capability and he knows when he needs to take ventolin pre excersise!

I really admire his determination!

He had a set back last year but after tweaking his meds and adding regular antihistimine during hay fever season he was soon back on track making every sports team at school this summer. Apart from football but that was his choice!

I hope this is the positive post you guys were looking for! A few years ago I would never have believed my little skinny boy who suffered so badly with hayfever and asthma would be playing rugby in the pack and gaining sporting awards!

Good luck to all of the kids mentioned above, my advice would be get into sport, get control of those annoying symptoms and go for it!

BW Vicky


Hi my son is 15 and going through slow growth and puberty.

He has been on preventer and reliever inhalers since he was 4 months old. As well as other medicines.

He is still smaller than most of his school friends, but seems to be having a good growing bout at the moment.

He was seeing a consultant about his growth. He had x rays taken of his wrists, as this shows your bone age, compared to your actual age. Which allows doctors to work out if there is any growth problems. And he was offered testerone injections. To quicken his puberty and growth levels.

But my son did not want the injections. As he said he was not bothered about being small for his age. (Sometimes you have to let them choose for themselves).

To be honest I used to get really worried about his size. You know, worried he would get bullied and ridiculed. But luckily for him he hasn't been up to now.

So just wanted to say that there is help out there if you want it. And it is good to read about other people having the same sort of problems, that we have had to deal with. Hope this post helps



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