Well I don't think I am going to get any sleep tonight, not the lungs misbehaving this time... After a day/night of rain the flood water is now creeping dangerously close to my home and will soon be through the front door on one side and through our fence on the other. So getting it from two sides. The road is already completely impassible. Next doors garden is completely flooded...

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  • Oh Malawi, what a nightmare for you, I hope it doesn't do too much damage.

    Virtual hugs xxx

  • Unfortunately, all the ground floor is flooded, so not great could have been worse as the water levels could have been a lot higher. Felpham had river water, up to peoples chests where we live it is surface water but this is to waist level.

  • Oh what a horrible situation :(

    You, and all affected by this, are in my prayers x

  • Oh no that's awful hugs xxx

  • Oh no, how horrible for you, I do hope it has not done too much damage.

  • Oooooooh Malawi, I'm gutted for you :-(

    Hugs xxxxx

  • oh no, i hope the damage isn't extensive. thinking of you

  • Sounds awful and I really hope there isn't too much damage. How are your lungs behaving?

  • That sounds terrible - hope it goes away soon, maybe by some miracle before it gets to your house?

    I am not impressed with the weather this month - if I knew who to write to I'd be writing to complain and I don't even have floods!

  • Thank you to everyone who has replied.... Managed to move sentimental items and some of the furniture before the water got in... Unfortunately carpets and items near the floor are knackered. Main worry now is getting everything dried out and hoping no futher rain! Have to now be carefull as moulds are a trigger and aggrevate my ABPA... Seeing consultant next week so hope he can up my protection for a while to prevent any issues.

  • You have my sympathy, our house was flooded a few years ago and the whole thing was a nightmare. Let me know if there's any advice etc i can help you with. Xxx

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