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Post admission advice please


I read these posts daily but rarely post myself, but I really need some advice from people that understand.

I was discharged from hospital a week ago and usually my get up and go comes back quickly but this time, it hasn't! I have been told my sputum sample showed pseudomonas and I was on different antibiotics, I'm now back on the long term doxycycline. I have now got awful pain when I breath it and apparently it sounds like pleurisy so I am taking codeine for that. It is still really painful and I am just wondering if any one knows of any other way to do with the pain.

I also had a really horrid admission where I was much more unwell than I realised but luckily the wonderful NHS did there job quickly to sort things out.

I am so down with it all at the moment and just can't pick myself up, I went back to work last week but I think it was to soon, the thought f going ack tomorrow with this pain is filling me with dread but I hate letting people down

I am sorry to whine but If any one has any advice I would be very grateful.

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Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to say I totally get how you feel and send you some virtual hugs. Coming out of hospital and recovery can be really tough. Have you got an appointment to see your consultant soon? Maybe you should go and see your GP tomorrow morning and ask for some advice re pain management with the pleurisy and for some advice on work.

I've found that when suffering with pleurisy that hot water bottles help ease the pain slightly along with pain killers. Have you given a sputum sample to someone for it to be checked since being put back on your normal antib's?

As for being down about it all maybe it's time to spoil yourself a bit... meet up with some good friends and have a laugh? or do something you really enjoy - the hoovering and other dull jobs can wait!

Really hope you pick up soon



Hi Sarah! :-)

Sometimes it is really hard tp pick ourselves up, particularly after a bqd attack that catches you q bit unawares.

I have gone back to work too soon a couple of times because I didn't wamt to let people down but in the end I needed even more time iff as I didn't let my body recover properly.

If you have a good manager or hr department, be honest with them. Tje fact that you don't want to let people down tells me you qre concientious and they will know this so will know that you are only asking for time off because you need it.

Maybe if you can't take time off full time you could have reducrd hours for a week or so until you feel fully fll


Excuse spelling errors, I'm on my mob! :-)


Thank you everyone for your replies. I have now had most recent results which showed pseudomonas so they are trying to find the right antibiotics.

It's nice to hear I'm not alone with this and your support is very kind.

I have given in and taken a day of work today so think I need to sleep all day and try and get my body fighting this bugs of.

Thanks again

Sarah xx


You are definatly not alone, Im a teaching assistant and teach KS2 special needs children so I have dragged myself into work even when I should probably b in hospital on nebs because I feel like im letting the children down. I was admitted to hospital in September and was kept in for 3 days, I ended up only taking 5 days off work and 2 days after I retuned to work I had to go on an all day outdoor trip as the 1st aider. As a result of going back too soon I gradually got worse, I kept picking up infections after infections and still stayed in work even when I could barely make it through a sentence without gasping for breath. I also went with the children to outdoor persuit center for 3 days & nights a few days after finishing a course of antibiotics for a chest infection (I still had the constant cough). As a result my body finally had enough and I ended up having multiple long stays in hospital I missed out on 5 months of my life including xmas, new year & work. 6 months on I have finally returned to work but because I didnt listen to my body & didn't take the time off I needed I am now still on alot of medication but my life still hasn't returned to normal.



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