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Hayfever / Asthma in young child/ new to asthma

Ive got a 4 year old who has been diagnosed with 'hay asthma'. It started when he wa a few months old ( in the summertime) I noticed he had a strange raspiness when he breathed - the docs said he had a cold. He had several episodes of this over a couple of years, until last summer when he was 3 and he woke up in the night rasping saying that he couldnt breathe. I took him to the hospital and they said he may have asthma and just gave me a blue inhaler and sent me on my way. I went back numerous times and now he has a preventer in the summer with daily antihistamines. Today for the first time since last year,Ive had to give him his blue reliever. He sounded raspy and his chest was tight so I gave it to him and the raspyiness disappeared almost instantly. Is this what usually happens? Im a novice to all this and was shocked that despite the meds he is on, he still had problems breathing. Does anyone have any similar experiences in a small child?

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Hi Luddo and welcome to the forum,

Asthma is a variable condition, so you may find there are times when your son needs the reliever too. It may be an idea to record when you need to give it to him as if he needs it more than twice a week this may mean his asthma is less controlled and time to be reassessed with the GP/asthma nurse. Have you also looked around the Asthma UK site as it has loads of information and free leaflets you can order.


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