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I am new here. Discharged from hospital 7 weeks ago with pred and diagnosis of acute asthma. Never had asthma but it is in the wider family. Slowly getting my head around the diagnosis. Asthma nurse is fab and has changed a beclometason 200 to clenil 250 and added serevent 25 and i do both twice a day.

Frustrated as i was a runner and have been house bound for 7 weeks. Tried to run 2 weeks from discharge and came home after half a mile with burning lungs. Nurse is trying to get me back to previous form. But 2 weeks ago started to feel like i did on discharge with tightness and i feel am back at square one. Possibly a reaction to rapeseed as i live rural. Still feeling pants and wondered how long it takes.

The registrar on discharge said to give it a week before running! Which is clearly utterly ridiculous!

What can i expect?

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Hi and welcome,

Do you use your reliever before exercise? And are you on antihistamines if you are sensitive to rapeseed (one of my triggers/allergies.) Also, is it better to start exercising slower first, like walking and see how that goes?



It takes time after such a big attack, I'm a runner to and been really frustrated with my slow return to it after a ICU trip 6 weeks ago. I am able to walk the distances I was running and starting to walk run but your body has been through a lot and it needs time. If they have changed your meds around as well it will take a bit for them to work and settle things down. Sorry I can't be off more help as I keep being told I have to give myself time and do things slowly to start with.


Thanks for the responses.

I did start taking antihistamine but the rape is dead now and the meds side=effect was a tight chest.

Just feel its a total mine field and i dont know which way to turn.

Not walking let alone running. May start walking as you suggest with my dog to ease back into it! Its just so frustrating.

I take blue before exercise yes so will try as you suggest. But am a bit impatient!

Thanks for replies


Hello and welcome.

It takes time to get back into running when you've had an attack. It can be very frustrating. I can't believe the registrar said give it a week, lungs are just too twitchy that soon. I have to take it very slowly, walking to get a bit of fitness back, and slowly building the distance. When I think I'm ready for a run I'll wait for a day when everything's in my favour, so the air's not too hot or cold, low pollen count etc. as these are some of my triggers. I start by walking to warm up the legs and lungs and if all's ok then a 5/10 minute jog. Slowly building up over the following days and weeks, there'll probably be a step backwards here and there but you will get running again.

Hope this helps. We're all different so hopefully you'll find a strategy that works for you. Best of luck. Lou


Hi. I'm the worst at being patient and taking my time, my family will tell you that. After the bout of bronchitis that brought on a diagnosis of asthma which no one in mu family had, I remember going up a flight of stairs in Starbucks and being completely knackered at the top. I'd to stop and catch my breath for ages before going to find a seat. Remember thinking is this it? For the rest of my life? Felt about ninety.

Fortunately not. Does take longer than you'd think to get back to anywhere near previous fitness. Finding the correct mix of meds is one of the keys. Being on forums like this generally helps too. There is a wealth of experience within the forum members.

Best wishes and take care. x


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