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Thyroid lump

Not sure if I'm allowed to post this, or if I've posted in the correct place, but just wondered if anyone else has had a lump on their thyroid gland and can offer any advice? I'm having an ultrasound scan on wednesday and my blood results are 'normal' but apparently in normal range doesn't always mean there's not a problem. I can tick a number of thyroid related symptoms.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I am breaking any AUK forum rules

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Butterfly, I have a vague recollection that at some point in the early 70s my mother was in a similar situation. I don't know all the details because the only information I got came by letter as I was in exile in Wolverhampton at the time (sorry to anyone who lives there, but it was a very hard time for me and I never settled there at all) and Mum was quite reticent.

Anyway, my understanding is that she had a similar lump and a small piece of her thyroid was removed for examination but no further action was considered necessary.

Later in life her thyroid was underactive and she is still on medication for that, but whether the lump had any part in that I really don't know.

So sorry I can't be of more help, and my fingers are crossed that all goes well for you.


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