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newbie looking for support

My daughter has had problems when she had chest infections for the last year or so then 8 weeks ago was put onto brown inhaler and prednisolone ( 5 days) as she was getting breathless not just when she was poorly but if she was running about as well.

She is 9 years old and loves her karate( dad teaches). We encourage this as want her to keep fit and karate makes her aware of how her breathing is :)

Last night I ended up calling out of hours drs as her lips went blue, she has had a cough for a few days and a bit breathless but the rate she went downhill scared the life out of me. Used to be a care assistant so not many things worry me even with my own kids but that did !!!.

She is back on anti biotics even though dr said her chest was clear as well as second lot of prednisolone, last lot was 8 weeks ago.

Not sure what I am looking for here but just want to know that I am doing everything I can for her. Going to get appointment with asthma nurse this week if we can and see what she says. Husband sees her once a year as he has asthma mainly triggered by exercise or infection but emphysema is heavy on his side of the family so expected problems :(

She is the only one of mine to ever be like this and found your site last night while looking for things I could do to help strengthen her lungs etc.

Going to have a dig around and see what else I can find on your site, just glad I have foud other parents who I am sure will understand how I felt watching my daughter struggle for breath :(

Liz x

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Hi liz qnd welcome!

I hope you find the site as informative, friendly and helpful as I have. Even though I've had asthma all my life I've learnt more from here in the last few months than ever before.

It is sooooo scary watching your child struggle for breath isn't it, you feel so helpless :-(

Seeing the asthma nurse is definitely as great idea, it may be worth getting one of the free asthma action plan booklets from here to take with you as this will help with having a written asthma action plan (although the nurse can do this without one but I think they're quite handy).

Also maybe have a word with the asthma uk nurses on the freephone nber, they're amazing!!!!

Take care. X


Thank you :) Going to call first thing tomorrow to make appointment.

On a good note Zoe is much better, still breathless but nowhere near as bad.

Will look for the action plan and take one along with me .

Just glad I found this place :)




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