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something very strange happened at work!

well it all started on monday when this girl I work with (who has no history of asthma or allergy) started coughing and retching and saying she couldn't breathe, her doctor gave her a ventolin inhaler and antibiotics, the girl said it was the pollen from a tree near the garden causing everything.

she was sent home and came back on wednesday, she did the same thing again, coughing, retching, wierd breathing etc the inhaler didn't help so my manager called an ambulance, the paramedic told her she was hyperventilating, she was also lying on the floor and flailing about, she was not given any meds but was taken to hospital where they said she was allergic to something and given pred, she was not kept in and had no allergy symptoms eg itching, swelling, rash, wheezing etc, she has now also told the manager she has asthma.

Just wondered what anyone thinks about this, she was told by the doctor she was putting the breathing on and making everything worse, seems very stange to me!


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Sounds very odd.......

Surely if she was having some kind of allergic reaction with those sort of symptoms, the paramedics would have given her adrenaline?

The flaying about on the floor sounds a little extreme don't you think?!?

Maybe I'm juat being a bit too suspicious....


Hmm sounds odd to me, yes surely if she was THAT allergic, they'd have done proper tests and supplied her with an Epipen? I'd leave her to it!! Or bamboozle her with technical asthma questions/terms etc LOL


well apparently the doctor said her airways and breathing were fine and she was making the reaction worse by hyperventilating, and the funny thing was she was more or less fine the whole day until about 1pm, eg she went from being fine one minute to having this so called bad reaction the next, and while she was having the reaction she went into a room full of children and other staff rather then sitting quietly in the staffroom (I work in a day nursery)

The whole thing was very strange indeed!


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