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Dont want to go to hospital (single parent)

Hi there

I Have had asthma for ages but not had bad attacks for a few years, until now. They closed our hospital and opened a new one which is 1 hour 10 mins away. I am a single parent and although my family are supportive, everybody works, I can't always get help with the kids. My kids are 16 and 8. My ex is not supportive and last time (a couple of weeks ago) I was admitted he told my 16 year old to take the day off school to take the wee one to school, (high school bus leaves an hour before primary starts and comes home an hour later)she was distraught because sitting her higher exams. I had to sign myself out.

Now I'm having a hard time again, doc said should be in hospital but said no cos childcare problems and its just so far away for any visitors. So don't even get to see my kids. They nebulised me at docs and am on max steroids, but still really really struggling. getting v, depressed now as housework getting too much and place is a state. I am willing to buy a nebuliser but doc said if I need nebs I should be in hospital, so they wont prescribe the ventolin for it. Surely other people have home nebs? Ive been multi dosing this morning so shaky and tired :( Also I'm self employed so no money coming in while I'm ill which makes it even worse as no money at all :(

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What a horrible situation :( And completely shocking response from your ex!

Is there any way you could speak to your family, explain the situation and see if you could all club together to come up with a plan? Also, you could try approaching your kids' schools and seeing if they can offer advice on where you can get support - you won't be the first person to be in this situation.

A friend of mine has bipolar disorder and has kids of a similar age to yours, and when she was going through a period of severe illness and struggling to cope, she had some involvement from social services. This sounds scary, I know, and she was terrified, but their social worker was really helpful and they worked together through the whole episode and put plans in place for if the worst happened and she had to be hospitalised.

I really hope you feel better soon, and that you can get the support you need x


Thanks, but no way on earth I would get social workers. I can manage but the kids are passed from pillar to post, but rather that than strangers. But I don't understand why I cant get nebs at home, Ive been doing this for years now and I just get the same at hospital as I do at home, but with regular nebulisers. The thing is, if I had a really bad attack, the blue light ambulance takes more than 20 minutes to get her because we are so rural. Its scary and horrible. So surely a home nebs would be a good thing? I've just went up the stairs to get a spider out the bathroom for my daughter, LOL, but even that has knackered me. I wouldn't mind going if I knew it was just gonna be one night, but last time was 3 days, woulda been more if I hadn't left, and I'm worse now than I was then. The thought of going into a hospital ward full of geriatrics, no visitors and no kids, I just cant face it :(


I thought you might say that about social services - I just thought it was worth mentioning that a friend had had a positive experience with them.

It is odd that you can't get home nebs - I know a few people here have them.

Do you see a consultant? I would be inclined to ask for a referral if not.


I know this is not a long term option are there any charities that are near to you that offer respite holidays, that maybe your kids could go on whilst you need a stay in hospital.


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