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Like the past week using ventolin more phoned doctors and they have upped my clenil again to 800. Today come home sick from work as really struggling feeling really tight in my throat and coughing and feeling i am running a marathon constantly and almost that i am coming down with somthing but don't feel unwell in myself only tired through barking!! i think i coughed myself to sleep last night.

what i don't get is pak flow is not too bad but stll lowish on ventolin 420 when usually over 550 when taking ventolin.

any thoughts greatfully received

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Could check with your GP to see if it is safe for you to take a prescription cough linctus. Might help soothe the cough a bit.


If it helps I find when I'm struggling that reliever doesn't push my PF up nearly as much as it should. If things aren't too bad it should go up close to my best, but if I'm struggling it will stay at a number that's ok in itself as in just about in green zone but nowhere close to my best. After a lot of puffs it usually does go right up but if things aren't good it can take a while and I can still be having symptoms even after it has finally gone up.

I also find PF is not a very sensitive guide to how I'm feeling. It does ok as a pattern but I can be having pretty significant symptoms and It won't really drop, or not much.

Hope you feel better soon!


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