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Struggling slightly & is it pollen

Like the past week using ventolin more phoned doctors and they have upped my clenil again to 800. Today come home sick from work as really struggling feeling really tight in my throat and coughing and feeling i am running a marathon constantly and almost that i am coming down with somthing but don't feel unwell in myself only tired through barking!! i think i coughed myself to sleep last night.

any thoughts greatfully received

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It is worth speaking to a pharmacist and trying some antihistamines if you think it might be pollen. I am sensitive to pollen, just with my asthma, not hayfever and if I don't take an antihistamine my ventolin stops working.


Hello Lolo,

Im new to the forum and Asthma only diagnosed week and half ago and ive had three attacks that i can remember but my point is i dont know what my trigger is as im a newbie to the Asthma ranks but if it helps im a postman twice a week and the pollen has been high so my doctors have told me to take 2 anti hystamine tabs a day to be on the safe side as i have a runny nose and watery eys wehn out delivering so maybe it could help.


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