chest xray results

had my chest xray results today I've a chest infection. Since feburary I've had a cough, costronditis and now an infection. Got to take erythromycin 4 times a day. then go back in a few months for another chest xray. I'm glad I know what's wrong finally, my chest has been killing me for four months. Can a chest infection be passes on, my friend who's also got asthma stating getting really bad yesterday he must have taken is reliever 3 times in the space of couple hours. I hope I didn't give him an infection.

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  • At least you know what you are dealing with now and are getting the right meds to get it sorted.

    fingers x you start to feel the benefit of the anitbiotics soon.

    Hugs xxx

  • ah thanks angelica, feel bad at the moment, but hopefully I'll get better sooner rather than later.

  • I normally start to feel better within 48 hrs so let the countdown begin for you :)

  • the antibotics(erthromycin) are not making me feel too good, feeling dizzy and got bad D*******ora, went to see the chemist and she said to go back to the doctor and get another type of antibotics. I only use my blue inhaler only once today yeah, so I'm very happy about that.I'm allergy to penicillen I think I will just wait it out and see if I start to feel better..

  • I feel for you, I've got a upper & lower respiratory infection myself, and feel terrible! I'm taking antibios and pred, fortunately no bad side effects yet for me, well except the excessive emotions! For the squits, try a probiotic drink thing (actimel or something like), it helps replace the bugs in your tummy that the antibiotics kill off. I always take these when on antibios and never get squits.

  • I hope you feel better soon butterfly, thanks for the advice, I can't have milk, I've IBS and Acid reflux. I did get some natural soya yogurt, I'm hoping since it's natural it may help fingers cross. I'm having a lot of ginger tea I'm told that should help. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Yes I guess natural soya yoghurt should have some good bugs in there, no experience of ginger tea but worth a try, hope it settles down soon tho, it's not nice!

  • I got some probiotic capsules from my chemist last few times I was on strong antibiotics and didn't get my usual nasty side effects so may be worth a try.


  • I've been having ginger tea, and cranberry juice all day and yeah, the you know what has stop,I'm not ashamed to say I did a little dance when I realize it. I don't know if the tea or juice did the trick, or if my body has just gotten use to the medication but I can at least rest and get a little sleep now.YEA YEA YE YEAH.

  • Woop woop!

  • Yay!!

  • kinda worrried, still getting chills and have been on the erythromycin since thursday not feeling that much better, have had to use my blue inhaler every day when which isn't normally for me. I'm taking 500mg of the tablets 4 times a day which seems like a lot to me antibotics in the pass has only been once a day. I've only had asthma for about 3 months my asthma attaCK 2 MONTHS AGO DIDN'T SCARE ME but this is. this is my first chest infection am I panicking over nothing. I'm so cold I'm lying in bed with the heating on in summer. I think if I don't feel better tomorrow I will go to the MRI. talked to a friend who ask me if i was on pred I said no, it wasn't my usually gp that called me up to say test results came back and I had an infection and she was giving me antibotics. the surgery is close till wednesday. should I be on pred for my chest infection as well. thanks in advance for the replies.

  • If you're getting chills does this mean you've got a temperature do you know? If so, might be worth having q word with ooh Dr.


  • Sorry to hear you're not feeling better yet. I don't know a great deal as I don't have loads of experience, but I'm on antiobiotics and pred for a chest infection, but I understood that the antiobiotics helped the infection and the pred helped you from an asthma point of view therefore the fact you're still feeling chills etc wouldn't be helped by pred.

    I would suggest speaking to OOH's doc/NHS direct as I should've thought you'd have seen some improvement by now, I know I'm slowly improving and have been on them since Tue (I think)

  • Modiene have you had a sputum test done to see which bug is the cause of your infection? It might be that the antibiotic you are taking is not the right one for your chest infection. It may also be that its only been a couple of days since starting to take the antibiotics and it can takes a while for the body to get working and start to fight the infection. As the others have already said if you are worried and don't feel right call the out of hours medical service.

  • hi thanks for the advice guys, no I have not had a sputum test. The doctor that called me never mention one she seemed more interested in me getting the antibotics as soon as possible. She was saying some stuff but to be honest I wasn't listening as the tone of her voice and what she was saying was panicking me. the doctor started the coversation with don't panic, so of course I was gonna panic. If I don't feel better tomorrow I will call the out of office service, then make an apointment with my regular doctor for wednesday.

  • I woke up feeling fab, I've turned a corner, thank you god. will still see my gp on wednesday but i feel faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab. thank you all for the support it was much appreciated, it was my first chest infection I may have been too over worried, but I didn't know what to expect now I know and also some things to ask the gp to do, god forbid I get another infection. a million thank you, to you all for the support. You all made it eaiser for me to deal with it when I didn't understand what was happening, with your great advice and support thanks again.

  • Woop woop!

    Really pleased for you modine, fab news!!! :-)


  • I have been to the gp today so that she can check my chest, after listening to it she has put me on clenil modulite 200 micrograms(beclometasone dipropionate) for several months to see how I get on as I need my blue inhaler every day, hopefully the dose will be reduce. I go back for another x-ray on the 12 of next month. Hopefuly it can be reduce from 2 twice a day to once a day.

  • Sounds like a plan modine, good news! X

  • I'm so please yea, I even blow 450. I was so happy to get out of 325-370 zone finally. I know some people blow 550- 660 i'm just so chuff with my little 450. I bought myself a nice piece of carrot cake from this tea shop, in so goooooood. I feel like I've achieved a little small victory today.

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