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Woo and hoo - I'm an admin!

Lovely Marli got fed up and let me access her message board account. In eight minutes I'd sorted myself out with admin rights. Yes, that's how complicated it was. *rolls eyes*

This means that I can now start tweaking the boards, and I'm looking to see what options I can change to get the board to do stuff we've requested of the development team. One thing I've done is created a ""moderator"" medal and awarded it to each of us, so that we stand out a little bit more. However, I can upload custom avatars - would it be better if we mods had an avatar that no-one else could have? And if so, what sort of thing could it be?

Anything else you'd like me to look into, please post here.

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I've added the bold, italics, underscore and size BBCode tags to moderator's signatures if you'd like to use them.


I've now turned off the ""Groups"" list in the user section of each post - it doesn't really serve any purpose, and there are so many groups which have now become interlinked that it will be virtually impossible to remove all of the ones that we don't need without breaking the board or inadvertently leaving users without access.

For my own reference, TJ and Cathy are members of the ""Forum moderators"" group, and that is the one I need to make changes to if I am adding options or changing settings for the mods.


Yey! Sounds easy enough.

internet access and various events allowing, may have time on my hands over the next few days to have a think.

I'm following the well worn path to the doors of the RBH in London and then off to Ireland for a few days as my mother's in hospital.


Yes; for some reason (and despite me specifically telling them) they had made a duplicate account with my ""real"" email address (the one) and had made that an admin. I use a googlemail account to access these boards. All I had to do was drop myself into the administrators group and it was sorted!


Aha! Found the board default ""admin"" and ""moderator"" graphics, changed the rank for you and Cathy, and now we have a cool little logo thingy. As soon as the user data cache refreshes, the medals will disappear.


Any progress on the messaging service too - still no real answer to emails?

I know this is missed and several people have rightly asked what is going on?


There's no built-in moderation for PMs, which is not a surprise because vBulletin, YaBB and phpBB don't offer it either. So we have two choices: no PMs, or unmoderated PMs.

To get moderated PMs the developers would need to add code to the board, and I'm not sure there's the money for it, or that the developers would be able to do it in a timely fashion - or indeed at all! Also, because the PM system was switched off, I'm not sure that the ""email addresses displayed in notifications"" issue we had when the board first opened has been fixed or not.


I made a couple of other changes to the config last night before going to bed.

Firstly, we know the board stores every previous copy of an edited post. It was set to delete these previous copies after 30 days. I have changed this to the maximum allowed (99,999 days - or just under 274 years!) so that we always have the old copies.

To prevent this from causing a problem with multiple copies of messages, I have also limited the editing of posts to 24 hours from the time the post was made (the lowest setting there was). This means that regular users can only edit their posts for that 24 hour period; after that, the ""edit"" button stops appearing on the post. Mods can still edit any post at any time, of course.

This change should not cause a problem, because I can think of no logical reason why anyone would need to edit a post more than a day after it was created unless they were removing content or changing content that had caused offence/was being heatedly debated! If I edit a post of my own it is usually within minutes of posting it, either because I've spotted a typo or I've just thought of something to add and don't want to double post to say it.

I'm now going to go through the emails that Teresa and I sent to AUK with feature requests to see if I can implement any more of them myself.


I like the new T&Cs area, much better to show them prominently. Assume that was you Steve?


Yep, along with the new descriptions of what each board is for and the new search box up at the top of each forum page. (The forum search box, rather than the AUK one which doesn't search the forum.)


New descriptions, I like! Good visual reminder for all.

Minor point about the search, don't really need two side by side i.e. your box plus the previous click on here to search


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