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Nasal spray?

This isnt urgent and im looking for ideas to help as i been having a few problems controlling my asthma over past few months. Went to the GP last week and was sent in my way with a nasal spray to use alongside clenil and i had an allergic reaction to the spray. Thought it was the weather to be honest but went as I was needing my ventolin every 30 mins. I've had to stop my sports training as I can't go long without the ventolin. I got an appointment with a different GP later today so I'm seeking a second opinion. Any ideas on how I can ease things better, I've tried Vicks vapours which helps a bit and helps with the tight chest. Ventolin is the only thing that stops the wheezing though! I will always head to hospital when things get bad.

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Have you tried Nasonex Nasal Spray?

I have used this for several years' to help control my hayfever and have found it helps a lot


I was given beconase nasal spray but I reacted to it! It's okay now as I went to see another GP and was given seritide to take instead of clenil. So all is good.


That's good news it sounds as though you are getting better control of your symptoms now.


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