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Mucus Hypersecretion & Irratic Breathing Muscles


I've recently been told that after a CT scan of my lungs they have found that I have Asthma with Mucus Hypersecretion and Irratic Breathing Muscles and I was wondering if anyone had heard of these before or have them themselves???

I am being treated for the Mucus Hypersecretion with daily 7% Salt Saline Nebulisers but nothing yet for the Irratic Breathing as they aren't sure how to treat it. I was starting to bring up the extra sticky mucus when I first started the nebs but I'm now on Oramorph and the movement has stopped again.

The nebs are OK but the SOB is still present due to the Irratic Breathing and I'm a little worried it may never get better than it is now ...

Hope everyone is well

Jilly xx

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