First admission to HDU A&E - not feeling too great about it :(

I was diagnosed with Asthma about 12 years ago and have been getting worse. The last two years have been the worst. Tuesday night I ended up being admitted to HDU in A&E, they were really good and settled me quite quickly. I am now feeling quite depressed about the whole thing.

So is this asthma - general worsening condition, periods of control, then another dip etc. Should I now expect to have hospital admissions. Guess I'm a bit twitched.

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  • Depression after a severe attack is quite common, and since this is your first admission to HDU, I expect you are sort of suffering a delayed shock. Whilst you are in hospital you have everyone buzzing around you, and you don't really have time or space to reflect on what has happened. But the moment you have a little space fears and emotional comes right at you. You have also loads of meds still buzzing around your system, and of course as they start to work their way out you may well feel physically drained. It is hell of a lot to cope with and on top of the fact you have experienced a decline in your Asthma control over the a few years. You have been brave enough to admit on here you are struggling with it all, so I recommend telling your medical support that you are struggling. They should take this on board because it all has add on effects to your wellbeing. Also be open with friends and family and don't pretend to be alright, ask to have a chat, sometimes a few minutes letting off steam is as good as anything, and if your friends and family are extra nice, ask for hug, closeness can be very reassuring when you feel alone.

  • Im assuming you mean to majors/resus... they stick you there just to keep a closer eye on you dosnt mean you will be going back. Asthma is a variable condition and you might never have another ED visit but you never know. Never expect to not be aditted ever again but expect not to be. Youve gone this many years without one so might so another 12 years!

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