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nose bleeds ???

This may be a pointless question but as an ""asthma mum"" everything new medical makes me think is it linked to his meds rather than it is just something any kid goes through ..

Callum has had 3 nose bleeds , all in the evening (6 to 7pm) both nostrils but not at same time on three consecutive nights. My husband says thats just normal and how nose bleeds can present but just wanted to check has anyone had their children suddenly develop nose bleeds . I think I believe him but thought I would run it past here just in case

He is 9yrs old and is on seratide 2 x 50mgs twice daily , singulair 5mg nightly and salbutamol when needed . he is currently on day 3 of a 5 day course of preds due to developing nasty cough .


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my 6yr old had regular nose bleeds (4-5 a week, and sometimes 2-3 a day) when his spacer had the facemask, i beleive it was where he was breathing in through his nose and his inhalers were irritating his nose. the docs wernt as sure as i was BUT they did change his spacer to a mouth piece only.

not sure if this is of use to you or not.


I'm an adult, so may not be the same for kids, but I always get bad nose bleeds when on high dose Pred, several a day. Once I reduce the Pred, the nose bleeds almost disappear too.


thanks you two . I always relate everything back to his asthma in first instance .. as soon as he stopped his preds his nose bleeds stopped . they were minor so if it happens again I will be less panicky .


My ds often got nose bleeds before antihistamines caused by allergies apparently. He often gets nose bleeds when on pred still.


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