Respiratory Disease & Asthma E Petition

I've just reinstated this post - it may be bloody mental (as I have alluded to in my reply), but it unfortunately Cathy and I have looked and it doesn't break any of the T&Cs.

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  • Fair enough, may be something we need to think about though for future?

    On a quick look around, they have been mass posting on any possible asthma related page including

    the Asthma UK facebook page saying posted there with permission?

  • I think it's worth hiding in on the Facebook page, and I'll email AUK and see if this is true. If it is, we can unhide it.

  • Worth checking out. When you say we can unhide it if true, is that from general public public view or just we won't see it?

  • It gets hidden from general view, but shows as greyed out to FB page admins.

  • We've just had word back from Richard that this was, in fact, sanctioned by the Chief Exec, although Richard was unaware of this as well.

  • Sorry, may have been a bit hasty initially here. Steve, as you say ""it may be bloody mental"" and off to reply myself too. Saw posts on Asthma UK Scotland too with a like or response from them.

    In general, how can we find out about such approvals (I would have assumed webeditor should know too)? Email notification or post in staffroom perhaps? Not sure if this has come up before?

  • I've suggested to Richard (who likes the idea and is going to run it past Marli) that a special account with a name that we are aware of - possibly something simple like ""Asthma UK""! - be created, so that Asthma UK's publications department can vet all such posts and then make them directly to the board on behalf of the requester. That way, the posts will follow Asthma UK's house style, not contain embarrassing lines like ""they are laughing"", and we'll instantly know that they have been approved.

  • Have replied very briefly to the latest post which I feel is out of order. Will return to it later

    Any reply on your suggestion Steve?

  • Oh my word. Just looked at the petition facebook page and wished I had not. Somewhat misguided statements there about Asthma UK, the CEO, moderators and post removals.

    As you said before Steve, embarrassing lines indeed!

  • I wish I hadn't, either. I now feel compelled to just throw the towel in.

    AUK's chief exec has unleashed a pair of self-centred morons on the message board, who have placed a post that under normal circumstance I would issue a warning about, but can't because of the chief executive's involvement.

    And then I get a barrage of abuse for reinstating a post that was not actually deleted by me. And they then blame the web team for not being able to read the chief executive's mind.

    Neil Churchill need to be spoken to about this. I have screen-grabbed the Facebook thread, and the board settings mean that the contents of the thread here on the forum are safe and can't be deleted by anyone.

  • Just what I was thinking too, Steve. Have enough going on with family etc too at the moment.

    Had also saved screenshots yesterday. It cannot be a good reflection on Asthma UK surely? Have not returned to the posts here for the same reasons as you mention. They don't appear to have read the posts properly. The tax rebate comment for example taken as a personal insult was a signature which has now been changed anyway?!

    I have no dealings with Neil before. Do you wish to contact him or shall I? It needs to be mentioned.

    May be easier for me to check email during the day when you reply.

  • Unlike the Campbells, I believe in following the chain of command! Therefore I have emailed Richard and Marli (you and Cathy are copied in too) this morning with details. I'll let Richard decide what to do next, but I am happy to contact Neil directly if I'm asked to.

    I'm so glad you spotted that signature; Cathy and I read the comment on Facebook and couldn't for the life of us work out where it came from. It's almost a pity it has been changed, as it would indicate just what sort of folks we were dealing with that they took a message board signature that was there before they even joined as a personal attack.

  • Indeed as you say re the Campbells.

    Thanks Steve for the email and update. Any reply yet from the previous suggestion in regards to post approvals?

    The signature was an aha moment, couldn't figure it out either at first. All explained here in offtopic > Signature line by convenientlly the original poster whose signature it was

    They obviously hadn't spotted it was me that deleted it initially.

  • It just goes to show the sort of people we're dealing with. I described them as self-centred earlier, and their reaction to Moira's signature proves it.

    No response yet from AUK about my suggestion - the main reason for this is that Marli will need to be involved in the discussion, and I believe she's currently on annual leave. Richard has read the email I sent this morning (I've had a read receipt) so let's see what happens.

  • Dr Cath has spoken! This must be serious.

  • Just replied to the latest post and pointed out the error of her ways. Assumed the tax rebate signature line was a personal insult

  • Just a heads up - a quick email address check shows that Argyll77 is none other than Bruce Campbell, and thus he is someone who we need to keep an eye on.

  • FGS this is getting silly now. Bruce is trying to imply that Moira deliberately used that signature line to insult message board users. I have posted correcting this, and have said that if such tit-for-tat continues that I will lock the thread. I'm getting bored of having to moderate such silliness now - if the only ""debate"" we are going to have is over a signature line, there is no point in the thread continuing.

  • He's logged in now. Right I'm off back to my bunker of magic rays, well afternoon on the computer checking images and inputs for the usual Monday rush so will keep looking in when I can

  • Well, he seems to have logged off without posting (for now). Will also keep an eye between patients this afternoon. Enjoy your imagery ;-)

  • Thanks Cathy,

    Slightly frazzled head now but heyho.

    Been looking in quickly, hopefully has quietened down now.

    If there is any more of the same, lock the thread me thinks!

  • We've had a couple of users requesting the thread to be locked now, but as you say it appears to have calmed down, so I'm inclined to just ""watch and wait"" (I am such a GP, aren't I?!) - what do you guys think?

  • Watch and wait, (yep, such a GP!) I agree. Not a policy used as often in oncology but it certainly has its merits.

    Be interesting to see if they have the decency to respond sensibly as several people have also mentioned or go off on one again.

  • Watch and wait is good for me.

    Shall we agree that if any of the e-petition mob appear and sound off, we will simply lock the thread with a final post from whichever mod does the deed explaining that Cathy warned what would happen and that we're making good our promise?

  • Sounds good to me anyway, you and Cathy agree on this too I take it?

    So far it has been rather obvious, new posters with similar names and posting the only support.

    Steve, may be useful you can see emails as admin.

  • I think I said in an email that Argyll77 is Bruce Campbell (Sara's husband). Debra33 is the Debra who posted about the e-petition on AUK's Facebook page.

  • Their facebook page has become a closed group. No further sign of activity here but who knows?

  • Proof that they have something to hide, then. And what's the point of closing the group when you're trying to get as many people as possible interested in signing the petition? Duh!

  • And this forwarded message off forum from a longstanding member in regards to the Facebook group explains why:

    They said aptly 'sounding rather fanatical'

    Bruce Campbell

    We have been having problems with a member from the start. We want this group to be for supporters of the campaign, and not people who can somehow delete other peoples posts from the group. Sarah Byrne has deleted her posts re the thread where we mention that we have got to 69 & 70 members. Somehow Sara Campbell post has also been deleted. another post has gone also. What's going on.

    Had to delete this person and close off the group. I hate trolls. This person I believe to be one of the people from AUK discussion group and probably one of the moderators.

    If Sarah Byrne has asked you to join her facebook over the last few weeks, I suggest you get rid of her. She will not allow you to know who her friends are etc, and she has only set up that page very recently, and it appears that she just wants to spy on us.

    Like · · Follow post · 10 hours ago

  • I ""love"" the way they use the term ""troll"" to basically mean ""anyone who doesn't agree with us"". I remember a post from Sara Campbell before the group was closed basically saying the AUK forum contained ""a lot of trolls and people who don't have asthma"". Ironically the only people posting on that thread who didn't have asthma (as far as I know) were Steve and Alex.

    Interesting that they have kicked Sarah Byrne off. I don't know who she is, but she seemed to be a voice of reason - obviously that was enough reason for her to have been labelled a ""troll"" and ejected from the group. The reason her posts have disappeared is precisely because she has been removed from a closed group. Yet this is somehow spun into another strand to support their ""conspiracy theory"".

  • An apt summary, Cathy. Don't think Bruce/Arygll77 had asthma either. Their member list is viewable. Looks like they must have blocked rather than deleted this Sarah Byrne, which would still explain why they do not see her posts. There was someone else too who said be careful of advertising and new members too I think. I know the person who sent me the above said about trying to reason with them so don't know what will happen. A large portion seem to be international and oft groups rather than individuals too.

    Love it, Steve, very appropriate! How about this stylish number? ;) Get a few odd ideas from people working in radiotherapy and living in Somerset with alternatives in the Glastonbury area. Best one yet was someone with a ?leather mask for shielding. They knew better than all of our staff inc eminent physicists that a) they would not get any radiation there and b) need equivalent of 6 inches of lead to stop the megavoltage xrays anyway!

  • Tin foil hat

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