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New Forum?

this is a really confusing question or should I say I am very confused I see all our normal forum rooms the four we have always had but when it says how many people are viewing it says six forum rooms but I can only see the four forum rooms? Am I reading wrong or is there more forum rooms that I am missing really sorry for this question and I might be just reading wrong thanks guys hope everyone is well xxx

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Don't worry - you're not going mad. There are six forums, but only four of them are public.

One of the others is for registered health professionals only, and the final one is the ""Staffroom"", where the moderators along with Webeditor and the site development team can discuss forum issues and the like.

The board is set up so that you can only see the forums you have access to. So I only see four when I browse to the forums, but as soon as I log on the other two appear.


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