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had a chest xray today

I had a chest x-ray today, I was surprise at how nervous I was. I didn't realize I had a cough since the 12 of feburary this year. Reading the paper the gp gave me to take to the hospital made me even more nervous, but I think if I'm being honest with my self its because my chest is still hurting not as bad as it was, but it stills hurt. I think you know yourself when things isn't right with you. I seem to be using my preventor more I guess that's why I'm nervous. Results in 10-14 days. fingers cross.

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I think we all worry ourselves no matter how much of a talking to we give ourselves.

Let us know how you get on.


Thanks angelica will let you know how it goes, I think because I had costrondritis it's made me more scared.


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