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5yr old constant cough

hi i'm losing the will to live with my 5yr old, she has chronic asthma but continues to have this cough which results in her being sick going blue and needed steroids. This week alone shes been off school, down the surgery twice and casualty last night for oxygen. She is currently on salbutomol, becotide, montelukast, piriton, amoxycillin and prednislone, she is due to be seen at the hospital in two weeks.

I dont know what to do with her cough, she cant go outside cos it makes her worse as does laying down, were up all night, coughing does any one have any advice?



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Have you tried ringing the consultants Secretary and explaining how poorly your little one is?

Sometimes they can bring appointments forward.

We found an air humidifier helps my little boy when he,s poorly with his asthma (thankfully for us a rare thing) but if you've never used one before checl it doesn't make your little one worse as it doesn't suit everyone.

For my little man tge moist air definitely helps his lungs and cough.


I have no advice to give you, I can only sympathise as i know exactly how you feel. My daughter is currently under a consultant at hospital and he is useless! He has changed her inhaler but she is still the same and now we have to wait for an asthma exercise induced test in July!...this has been going on since january when she caught brochitus! Last night she spent the whole night coughing so she didn't sleep and neither did the rest of the house...we are ready for a repeat night tonight as she has caught yet another cold! She still can't do PE at school as it makes her cough. My daughter is 14 yrs old so at least she understands it.

I understand how it affects the whole family and I am so so tired all the time from it. School had been great but have now begun to make noises as she has had so much time off.

I'll be thinking of you when I'm up again in the middle of the a strange way it's a comfort to know I won't be the only one

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thank you, last night we got a bit of sleep but ive got a sore throat n cough so it was me up coughing! little one is still in bed.

the hosp have brought the appointment forward as they want her to see the consultant not anyone else.

it is a slight comfort to know i'm not the only one up all night!

hugs to your little ones! xx


My son used to do the same, it wore me down may many times. He's long since grown out of it, so the stuff I used to do may not lie well with current advice?

I used to:

- Place a wet towel in his bedroom, hung over a chair. Extra washing (it needs to be changed just about every night) but worked well for him. I used to get it as wet as I could without it creating a major puddle!

- Push drinks into him like we were entering a drought situation! All evening.

- A pillow underneath his mattress, under the pillow area. He wasn't great at staying on his pillows so this used to help.

- Also, I would wake him to give ventolin rather than wait until the coughing got really bad. I found that helped him get a better sleep overall,

As I said, mine is a young man now so it might be worth checking that current thoughts still like these methods. I think they got my son through many colds and a few summers though.

I hope the consultant appt goes well.



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