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happy story re asthma and football !!!

My son aged 9yrs has been in and out of hospital with asthma his whole life . He fundraises for his hospital ward last year raising 400 pounds on his own .

Anyway he was nominated and won the chance to be Man Citys Mascot last Sunday when they

clinched the title. (if you watched match of the day on catch up you would see him grinning and walking out holding the ball with the captain in the first minutes of the programme .)

What made me most happy was speaking to the people who chose him (Mcr Evening News and Ethiad Airways ) amongst others they were unaware how severe asthma could be and it gave me a chance to really explain the statistics we dont want to think about (3 dying a day ) .

Callum had a wonderful day although it completely exhausted him and he is still struggling

to get his strength back. The real bonus of the day is that he now says without asthma he would not have been picked and he says next time he has an attack he will think of his special day and it wont seem so bad .

Sorry to bore you with this but thought it might cheer some of you up to know our kids sometimes get some reward for all they endure ..

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Caldan, what a truly inspirational little man you have, its made me cry happy tears! :-D

I hope this special day gets him through the tough ones and well done for taking the opportunity to raise awareness- woop woop!

Thanks for posting a happy story :-)



I think that is fantastic news and a source of great encouragement to all those out there, both children & parents struggling with their asthma at the moment.


Wow, it's wonderful to read a positive story where asthma is concerned. And what a worthy mascot too for raising so much money. Well done!

Thanks so much for sharing this story. :)


so nice to have a positive story on here. I have a budding little footballer too, and can imagine how excited your son would have been!


That's so lovely to hear bless him! So nice that something positive came from his asthma and what an inspirational little boy, well done!



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