A new cat!

At the weekend, we adopted a new cat :)

He is very imaginatively named Tabby, but given his aristocratic air, he is now known as Sir Tabbington.

He is at least 23 years old :-0 and he is gorgeous. He is settling in well, the cat hierarchy is getting more sorted - only woke once in the night to the sound of hissing - so we're doing well. Here he is:


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  • 23 ?!?!?!!? the oldest i've ever had a cat live to is 16! He looks gorgeous, i have one of my cats sitting next to me purring right now :-)

    btw, how do you put photos on here?

  • I have an account at Photobucket. Simply upload pictures to there, then if you hover your cursor over the image, a box will appear with several codes in. You need to select the code which begins . Copy and paste it onto the forum and all is well in the world :)

  • Sir Tabbington is very very cute! :-)

  • He is so cute! And looks amazing for 23, bless him.

  • Oooh, I've really got cat envy now - he's lovely!

  • Your cat is lovely, what a great name for him. Sir Tabbington.

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