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Aaargh! It's raining pollen!

I woke up this morning in dire need of inhaler, but thinking ""ooh, nice day, let's enjoy the sun"". But no. It is raining pollen. It actually looks as though it is snowing, the stuff is coming that heavily from the trees!

Perhaps I could open the window to get some air in (I let the cat out earlier and the fresh air smelled so GOOD!). But no. Too polleny.

So here I am, stuck in the house with my Symbicort. The antihistamines I have aren't working, so I may have to get some prescribed by the GP.

I just want to enjoy the sun :(

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Just rang the surgery to make an appointment for my hayfever. 5 minutes later, spoke to nurse practitioner who will have a new antihistamine script ready in the next half hour.

Now that's service!


I hope they kick in nice and quick for you and you can enjoy some sun tomorrow :-)


Antihistamines acquired. Allergy eye drops in eyes. Hoping to feel more comfortable soon!

Also hoping it will be sunny tomorrow...


The fluffy stuff is probably poplar tree seeds........


still having a nightmare!

I had to go into town yesterday and it didn't end well - I hadn't been off the bus more than 10 minutes when things got bad. Then my chest tightened and I very nearly ended up in a&e :-(

Not happy :-(


Awwwww piglet so all the meds u got from the gp aren't helping at all?

Is there anything else they can give you?

Take it easy and i hope you stay out of costa.


I'm thinking I may have to return to the gp.



Better the gp than costa!!


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