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Allergy test?


My daughter was in hospital about 3 weeks ago and ever since then she don't Sean to have fully got over it were still having to give her blue inhaler every day and the last few days near enough every hour. I took her to the walk in centre yesterday who said her cheat was clear. Yet after getting home and playing with her brother we had her coughing breathless and wheezing again. Surley it isn't normal to be needing her inhaler so much. We have uped her brown inhaler and she is on montlukast. She doesn't seam as bad in the night now it's during the day. Yesterday the nurse said she is proberly allergic to pollen, Im thinking of asking the gp about an allergy test as we don't really know other than a virus what causes it. Has anyone had experience of this?

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It might be worth asking your GP to get your daughter refered for skin prick tests or RAST blood tests for aeroallergens which are known to trigger asthma. It will give you an idea of what is or is not triggering her asthma. Things like moulds or house dust mites may also be a trigger... Has your asthma nurse or GP put your daughter on any antihistamines/nasal sprays or eye drops if they think pollen is the culprit?

I hope your daughter feels better soon...


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